10 Fun Rum Facts

27, September

10 Fun Rum Facts

  • 1. Oldest spirit in the world
  • a. It was first distilled in the Caribbean in 1620. Some famous brands are still located there.
  • 2. The stereotype of Rum being a favorite of pirates is true for several reasons
  • a. It was first made in the Caribbean, and it used to be tremendously valuable.

  • 3. Thought to help prevent hair loss
  • a. Some would claim that the distilled spirit would help thicken hair and prevent hair loss. While this is not proven some still believe it, but in the 1800’s it was used in shampoo and conditioner frequently.
  • 4. A favorite of some founding fathers
  • a. George Washington was known to make eggnog with rum at Mount Vernon.
  • 5. Rum has a lot of nicknames
  • a. Most common are Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Navy Neaters, Nelson’s Blood, Barbados Water, Grog, Pirates Drink and Rumbullion.
  • 6. The name Nelson’s Blood has a disturbing background
  • a. British Legend says that Admiral Nelson’s body was preserved in Rum while being shipped back to England. Later it was discovered that the sailors had drilled a hole in the casket to drink the rum before making it back to England. Hence the name, Nelson’s Blood.
  • 7. July 31, 1970 is the day the British Navy put an end to daily Rum rations for sailors.
  • 8. August is National Rum Month, and August 16th is National Rum Day.
  • a. Celebrate safely!
  • 9. Although the origin of the word rum is widely disputed, some etymologists argue that it was taken from the last syllable for the Latin word for sugar saccharum.
  • 10. Rum is often aged in old Bourbon Barrels.


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