7 Vodka Puns

25, September

7 Vodka Puns

We’ve searched the internet for the best puns and dad jokes to share while drinking vodka.

1. Damn. Just got fired from my liquor store job. I spilled a bunch of vodka. It was an Absolut mess.

2. My son turned 21 today and as we were about to share our first drink together, I wisely advised him, "Remember, vodka may not be the answer!" "But it’s worth a shot!"

3. I started drinking weed infused vodka It keeps me in high spirits

4. A ghost walks into a bar and asks for vodka. The Bartender says “Sorry. We don’t serve spirits”

5. I was having a bad day so I bought a bottle of vodka,gin and whisky and put them in an elevator and sent them to the top floor. Didn’t have a good reason, Just needed something to lift my spirits

6. Potatoes make french fries, chips and vodka. It's like the other vegetables are not even trying.

7. How is vodka different from a student taking their final exam? Vodka has a guaranteed 40%


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