5 Common Misconceptions about Whiskey

27, September

5 Common Misconceptions about Whiskey

And why they’re wrong.

1. Older taste better For some reason in America we have the idea that older means better for whiskeys. This is not always true, while age can help the spirit it can also ruin the spirit if it ages for too long. If a whiskey is not aged for 10+ years that's not a bad thing.

2. Well known brands are the best choice As of September 2020 there were 1,836 craft distilleries operating in the United States. While all of these may not be making whiskey, that number just shows the amount of craft distilleries making quality products that compete with the major labels.

3. Whiskey is just for men For years whiskey has been viewed as a man's drink, however women like Peggy Noe Stevens and many female distillers are changing that by leading the industry.

4. You can not make good cocktails with whiskey So many good cocktails can be made from whiskey. Check out some other blog post for cocktails with whiskey!

5. Whiskey is only for the winter Whiskey tastes great any time of the year and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Check back later for a recipe list!


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